Worth visiting museums in Moscow

Moscow has enormous number of museums with totally different schematics.

I really like Moscow Kremlin Armoury. By it’s name, it is clear that museum is situated in Kremlin more correct in inner part of Kremlin.

Armory is one of the most interesting places in the extensive museum exhibition of the Moscow Kremlin. It is a treasure house, which constitute the basis of the exhibition of precious art works. These arts in the past were kept in the royal treasury and the Patriarch’s vestry. Here you can see jewelry and decorative works, created by the hands of Russian masters or received as a gift from foreign ambassadors.

Moscow armory exhibition

Moscow armory exhibition

Link with description of other interesting museums (in Russian, cam be simply translated with Google Chrome browser): http://kudago.com/msk/list/muzei-moskvy-v-kotoryh-nuzhno-obyazatelno-pobyvat/


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