Of cause for many travelers taxi is the most preferable way to travel because you don’t have to deal with public transport difficulties. But it’s also the most expensive way to get from one point to another especially in cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In smaller towns of Russia it’s much cheaper and some time the only way to get place that you desire.

As in many countries there are to 2 varieties of taxi: official and unofficial. Unofficial taxi in Russia is called: Bombily (Бомбилы). For example phrase with meaning “I will take an unofficial taxi to Kremlin” will sound “I will take “bombila” to Kremlin”. I always recommend you to use only official taxi.

In many cases cars of unofficial taxi drivers looks like on the picture


Official taxi

There are numerous taxi company in big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The best way to take that taxi to ask a person on reception in your hotel to call a taxi for you. Below I publish some sites of taxi companies in Moscow and Saint Petersburg which pages are translated in English, but it doesn’t warranty that operator at the other end will know English 🙂 (in Saint Petersburg the chance you get an English speaking operator is higher) .

Taxi site links in Moscow:

Taxi site links in Saint Petersburg:


But may be the best way to take a taxi is to use a special Mobile App.

Worldwide famous taxi app that operates also in Russia is Get taxi ( ) .

get taxi

This app is available for Android and iPhone:

Android –



In Russia the most popular taxi mobile app is Yandex.Taxi. It’s a product of the largest internet company in Russia – Yandex. This company owns the most popular internet search site in Russia, Ukrain and other CIS countries .


This app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone:

Android –

iPhone –

Windows –

Useful words in taxi if driver doesn’t know English at all

Go – Poehali

Stop – ostanovite

Stop here – ostanovite zdes’

Drive me to … – Otvezite menya do…

Can I smoke in the car? – Mozhno kurit’?

If you want to know the cost of ride before you get in the taxi, you can ask a driver in most cases he will very accurate tell you the possible final price.

How muck it will cost to go to …? – Skol’ko bydet stoit’ do…

Unfortunately driver will tell you price in Russian but he or you can always use a calculator app on smartphone to communicate 🙂


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