Moscow suburban trains. Buying tickets

If you plan to reach some of sightseeing’s in Moscow region by train first of all you will need to buy a ticket. Overall information about suburban train is presented:  Suburban trains (Elektrichka) in Moscow. General information. There are many different types of tickets for suburban trains but I will describe purchase of the most useful for tourist type of ticket – one way or return ticket for one trip. This type of ticket is sold for certain date but as usual it is bought right before train departure.

First I will describe the process of buying such a ticket in tickets terminals and then in ticket offices (as for me more complex way for foreigners because of non-English speaker cashiers).

Buying ticket in ticket terminal

For now such terminals exists on most big and popular train station. But if you plan to go for remote small station for any purpose I recommend buying return ticket on train station in Moscow just to be sure.

1.Chose option of buying a ticket. Red rectangle on the picture.

Buying ticket option Moscow Train

Buying ticket option

2. Choose the station you want to go. List of stations on the route serviced by train station will be on first page. On example picture is presented list of station of Belorusskiy train station direction and marked Zvenigorod (Звенигород) station. On this direction you can reach old Zvenigorod town for example. If you didn’t find station you need, press Next (Следующие) button.

Station selection, Moscow, train

Station selection

3. On next page you see the ticket type (one way – Разовый туда, Return – Разовый туда-обратно) and type of train – usual – Пассажирский, Express – Moc-Можайский or Мос-something). On example picture: One way ticket for usual train from Odintsovo to Belorusskyi train station. Cost of ticket depends on distance to station (distance is called in Zones) and type of train – usual or express. One Zone costs 19 Rub (~0,4$). The more zones you ride the cheaper will be price for one zone.

Type of ticket choice, Moscow, Russia

Type of ticket choice

Buying ticket in ticket office

For simple the ticket office is located on every station there are some exceptions for very far and small stations but likely you will not need this station to go.


Here are phrases in Russian that you need to buy ticket for station you need and I am sure that in most cases cashier will understand this phrases pronounced by foreigner but the answer with cost of ticket will be in Russian and you will be lucky if this price will be shown by cashier on calculator or phone. So my advice, just prepare a bill of 500 or 1000 Rub. You will receive change, cashiers will not cheat you.



In this scenario you buy ticket in Moscow on Belorusskiy train station to Zvenigorod station.


One way ticket to Zvenigorod for one person – Do Zvenigorod odin

Return ticket to Zvenigorf for one person – Zvenigorod obratno odin


One way ticket to Zvenigorod for one person for tomorrow– Do Zvenigorod odin na zavtra

Return ticket to Zvenigorf for one person for tomorrow– Zvenigorod obratno odin na zavtra


One way ticket to Zvenigorod for two persons – Do Zvenigorod dva bileta

Return ticket to Zvenigorf for two persons – Zvenigorod obratno dva bileta



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