A few good reasons to spend a weekend in Veliky Novgorod

Lord Novgorod the Great in many ways lucky: he is centrally located on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow, so here you can easily call in while traveling from one capital to another. At the same time, sitting on the train in the northern capital and going into the main – or vice versa – who rarely goes on the road without a good reason. Therefore, random guests in Novgorod is few and it certainly is the city only benefit by helping him to maintain comfort and originality.

Saint Sophia Cathedral, the main Orthodox church in Veliky Novgorod, built in 1045-1050 years

Saint Sophia Cathedral, the main Orthodox church in Veliky Novgorod, built in 1045-1050 years

First of all, first of all – the oldest Russian Kremlin

No doubt that the visit to Novgorod in the first place, almost no one. Tourists come here mainly for the sake of the Novgorod Kremlin, or Detintsa, as it was called in ancient times by people of Novgorod. It can be a long time to sing odes to other Russian fortresses – Rostov Kremlin, Nizhny Novgorod, Zaraysk, Moscow – but the true story  lives here. The first mention in the annals of Detintsa dates back to 1044 – already for 103 years before the first mention of Moscow!

The oldest stone building in Russia

Where else may be the oldest surviving stone buildings, but in the territory of the ancient Kremlin! This title belongs to the beautiful cathedral and the majestic Holy Wisdom, built in Novgorod as early as the middle of XI century.

At the very beginning

At some distance from the city center (bus station Novgorod you can get a bus to the village of Spas-Nereditsa) preserved unique historical sight – Rurik settlement. Once there, at the source of the river Volkhov, was an ancient Viking settlement, here was a road “from the Vikings to the Greeks.” And it is on this point is believed to be an ancient residence of Prince Rurik – the founder of the first Russian ruling dynasty. The excavations confirmed the presence here of buildings IX-X centuries and preserved the picturesque ruins of the Annunciation Cathedral belong to the XII century. Right to Rurik settlement Novgorod owes its name – here was the “Old Town”, and all that was built in the vicinity of the Kremlin, was the “New Town”.

Rurik settlement

Rurik settlement

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